Caribbean Acryl Mousse

Caribbean Acryl Mousse

Brand: Marabu
Product Code: 4007751593337
Price: $10.20

Number of Colours Available: 8
Most Permanent Workable Surfaces: Paper, gesso, wood, acrylic mediums and grounds, plaster, bisque fired clay and most absorbent surfaces.
Least Permanent Workable Surfaces: Glass, metal, ceramic glaze or other nonabsorbent surfaces.
Techniques: Mixed media, layering, monoprinting, stamping, stenciling, transfer, thick application smudging/blending, subtractive with a damp cloth and scrafito.
FAQs: Artist quality. • Test before use. • Re-workable when wet, permanent when dry. • Ensure surface is clean. • Surface can be lightly sanded with a fine grit. • Coverage 7.52 linear ft. • Use with acrylic paints, gels, and mediums; aerosol sprays, markers, watercolours, pastels, and other dry media. • Can be used on walls. Wipe-proof once dry. Recommend the application of a waterbased UV protectant varnish on high-traffic areas. • Synthetic or synthetic natural fiber blend brushes work best.

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