Twinkling H2o

Twinkling H20's can be used in the same way as any watercolour paint and different stampers have their own favourite way to use these shimmering colours.
The paint cakes are moistened with water and the paint used direct from the pot, or the colour can be blended and mixed on a plate or pallet.

The colours are highly pigmented, giving strong and vibrant colours. These can be blended with water for lighter shades. LuminArte have developed a colour that is ideal for blending to lighten colours, this is called 'Oyster' and will lighten the colour while still keeping the distinctive shimmer. The colours can also be blended with other water colour paint such as tempura or gouache, however this will also decrease the level of shimmer in the paint.

Twinkling H20's can be applied using paint brushes - or can also be applied direct to the rubber stamp and stamped onto paper or card stock.

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